Choose the experience you prefer!

Wine tasting and tour at Tuscan wineries

A tour of the vineyards and wine cellars to understand the winemaking process from the harvest to bottling, explained directly by the wine makers. Then you will experience the wine tasting.

Weaving baskets workshop

A day to spend in the shade of Casa Gentili garden to learn how to weave baskets with olive and willow branches. Marco teaches the rudiments of the ancient weaving techniques with natural and local materials such as willow and olive tree.

Sailing along the Tuscan coast

If you are on holiday in Tuscany you cannot miss to sail along the beautiful coast of the Natural Park of San Rossore and challenge yourself with a sailing experience.

Tour like a local

Discover Monte Pisano with passionate local guides. Experience places off the beaten path, flavors and traditions of the most famous art cities (Pisa and Lucca), well-known monuments around the world (Calci Charterhouse) or stroll around the ancient streets of small country towns and fortified villages hidden in the quiet of Tuscan landscape.

Climbing and ferrata of Monte Pisano in Tuscany

Climbing or do a ferrata activity in the awesome Monte Pisano hills in Tuscany. Choose one of the activity you prefer!

Tandem Paragliding in Tuscany, near Pisa

You’re wondering what is a tandem paragliding flight? It’s easy! A perfect blend of excitement and adrenaline! You have to Take a few running steps to take off and to fly over magnificent landscapes!

Hot air balloning flight Tuscany

Fast as the wind, lighter than air you will fly over the Lucca landscape, following the early morning breezes.

Tuscany SUP daily excursion

An outstanding daily experience during which you will get the chance to paddle on rivers, lakes and the ocean.